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DIVORCE SURVIVAL AFTER “60”...After 60 seconds...After 60 minutes...After 60 hours...After 60 days...After 60 weeks...and after age 60!!!


Bringing divorced people together to meet and defeat challenges, to provide assistance in moving forward while taking charge, and realizing new support communities, resources and, above all, opportunities.


Rita received her Master’s in Gerontology from Central Missouri State University, and her Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude (Major: Psychology and Minor: Gerontology) from Avila University. She served as President and CEO of the American Stroke Foundation. She also worked in Gerontology, as the Founder and principal of The Golden Years. The organization offered consulting and training services to businesses as they dealt with the unique needs of our society’s aging population.

Rita is an active member of the Advisory Council on Aging for the State of Kansas. She was appointed and commissioned to serve by Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas, in 2005. She served as Co-President of the Older Women’s League in 2002. She has been recognized in The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who for her accomplishments and achievements in the field of non-profit health services. She was nominated for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leadership Program Award.  Rita is also a member of the Coming of Age/Retired Seniors Volunteer Program Advisory Council.

Rita resigned her position as CEO and President of the American Stroke Foundation in 2007 to pursue her career as a consultant offering assistance in educating society on how to deal with social issues of aging successfully.

Rita is now devoted to meeting and defeating the pain and suffering she experienced related to divorce and now the trials of post-divorce as well as helping others….. Every day the burden is less and the triumphs are more!



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